Payment possible with BTC, ETH, LTC and PAYPAL. After payment you can contact us at telegram: @blockchaintradingbot, twitter: @TradingBotch and email:


We already had many questions about this, finally it is here. A forex trading group. Last months many clients started asking if our services are also possible with forex, stocks, cfd's,... From now on it will be possible. We will start a private trading group specialized in forex. We will provide multiplier services: Personal Assistance, daily updates/ analysis and daily trade setups+ access to our TradingView Private Script so you can follow our Bot and our daily trade setups. Our private group will be temporary limited to 50 people to start with. Our combination of 7+ year trading experience in all markets and our Signal Bot will combine a perfect combination to make much money. We have multiple groups on telegram, so we know exactly how to run one. We have groups with over 1000 community members in cooperation with and We also have strategies running on CoinNess/ Bishijie APPs and over hundreds clients around the world. 

Access to our TradingView Private Script License 

1 Month


3 Months 42.75$

Discount of 5%!!!!

Discount of 22.6%!!!!

12 Months 125.99$

Discount of

30 %!!!!

6 Months 69.99$

Access to our Private Group/Channel+ access to our TradingView Private Script License

1 Month



We are not liable for any losses you make using Blockchain Trading Bot /

自動交易機器人區塊鍊和加密貨幣. We have the right to remove the tradingview license from any user at any time if we need to do so. This bot license is not automated.

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