Blockchain Trading Bot

A blockchain and cryptocurrency Trading Bot with an automatic algorithm for investors and private traders like you. The algorithm has been tested for months by 4 people, they were all profitable. At the right you can see some examples from our backtests we did.

A simple example where our followed our 4HR signals on BTCUSD. We started with 0.0212 BTC and ended with 1.0446 just a couple months later. 

Our alogrithm is used by asset companies but also by private investors and traders like you. Our algorithm creates an automatic signal when to buy/sell. Our Signal Bot can be used on any asset on TradingView: Cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, forex and many more. At the right you can see how our signal works. 

As example you can see BTCUSD here

Our algorithm is working 24/7. Our code is always working hard to give you the signals.

Our app is coming soon. We are working hard on it. It will be possible to receive notifications when our algorithm created a signal. 

This is one of our backtest assets. Like you see it growed very stable and fast. On ETHUSD and BTCUSD we have an accuracy over 88% and more then 94% of our clients is happy to use our Signal Bot. We not only provide signals, we have also a lot of trading experience. With this experience we are helping our clients in our telegram chats. We traded over 7 years in the stock/ETF market, at the end of 2016 we started trading cryptocurrencies. In 2018 we started creating our own Signal Bot so more people could enjoy our expierence and start making profit because of us.

More information about us you will find here 

We respond our questions within 16 hours.

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Telegram alerts

Since a couple weeks you can now receive our signals in to a telegram chat. 

FAQ: Frequently asked questions?

1. Does the bot works automatically? 

No, but we are working hard on it to make it possible trough API connection. 

3. How does the bot works?

Our algorithm gives signals on all timefremes but while backtesting we found out the 4HR and DAILY are most profitable .

2. When is a signal valid ?

A signal is valid when the candles are closed.

4. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, despite the high demand we give big discounts.  For a 3 month subscription you have a 5% discount, for a 6 month subscription 22.6% discount and for a 12 month subscription 30% discount. Once in a while we also sell Limited Life Time Items. Our actions you can follow on twitter